3/4 Car Cover


Thermal Car Cover

thermal car cover provides protection for your car from the elements.  We use high quality fabrics, equipment and components so we can provide the best fitting thermal car cover with stylish designs and few seams to our customers.


Custom Race Car Covers

You want your racing machine to perform well and look well on the track.  Keep your race car protected from the elements with our custom race car covers.  

Part #: 3/4 Car Cover

Thermal Control Products’ custom car covers are utilized by numerous top names in the professional motorsports industry as well as commercial markets. They are used to protect vehicles from dirt, debris, heat, and inclement weather.  Our custom race car covers include a variety of customizable features including linings, fastenings, openings, graphics, and materials.



3/4 Car Cover - Features:

  • Covers entire front and top of car
  • Front wheel cut out and cropped bottom for easy mobility
  • Keeps car dry in inclement weather


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