Thermal Management Solutions For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Offering Quality Thermal management Products 

Heavy Duty ShieldThermal Control Products is a fabricator and distributor of high temperature thermal management solutions and protective products for industrial and commercial applications.  

Custom Thermal Management Solutions

Fabricated to your specifications, our application engineers can develop and implement a high performance solution that meets or exceeds your needs. Our thermal management products are utilized in extreme heat and abrasion type applications as well as sound abatement.


Thermal Control Products has developed a reputation of quality and service that is second to none, recognized throughout the automotive racing industry as well as our current commercial and industrial clientele for superior creating thermal management solutions.


We provide the correct materials are used for each custom application to ensure superior performance and extended longevity. Our focus is to solve the problem with the most cost effective methods available to your organization while exceeding your expectations and creating custom thermal management solutions that meet our customers needs.