Our Capabilities

Thermal Insulation Materials

It's difficult to sum up our capabilities in a few short paragraphs. We like to approach our customers' issues with the intention of solving a problem with our thermal insulation materials.  We have out of the box type materials for thermal insulation that can be ordered online or we can create custom thermal insulation materials to fit your specific needs.


Custom Thermal Insulating Materials

Every new client has a unique application for our thermal insulation materials driving Thermal Control Products to continually evolve and expand our portfolio of products and manufacturing capabilities to offer cost effective solutions.  Our customized thermal control products and thermal insulating materials will surely fit your industry providing you with a solution that will solve your problems.


Industrial Fabrication

From concept to prototype to production, Thermal Control Products handles all aspects of the industrial fabrication process. Our CAD/CAM design cutter and our programmable sewing equipment help us work efficiently and with great precision on every product we manufacture, from custom multi-layered heat shields to ballistic nylon protective covers.

Industrial Applications page 


Automated Features

Roll slitting

TCP has invested in numerous equipment designed to automate different steps in our manufacturing processes. The Roll Slitting Machine converts wide format materials to specific smaller widths. Our Automated Webbing Cutters allow us to cut material with consistent precision regarding lengths, generating a clean cut. Our Welding Machine combines like materials with heat and/or glue, eliminating perforated seams, producing a waterproof seal.


CNC Cutting


Using our Eastman M9000 Static Cutting System, we offer in-house CNC (computer numeric control) cutting to ensure repeatable, accurate, and efficient cuts. Textiles we commonly work with on the CNC machine include, but are not limited to: Kevlar, aluminized fiberglass, flame-retardant fabrics, ceramics, water-repellant fabrics, and EMI/RFI materials.

Programmable Sewing


Our programmable heavy duty industrial sewing machines can sew up to 3500 stitches per minute. These machines are multi-functional enabling us to work on more diverse projects while utilizing more dense and heavier materials.

CAD/CAM Design


TCP offers cutting-edge CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) Design for a variety of textile products.  Our engineers use CAD and CAM designs along with customer supplied drawings to create required parts. If these files are unavailable, our staff uses a digital plotting board to create the CAD drawings off of customer templates.

Steel Rule Die Cutting


Thermal Control Products offers custom die-cutting for a variety of end uses. Our newest die cut machine is a 17 ton Model DG Freeman Schwabe capable of die cuts 31" x 38". Current materials include dense foams, silicone rubber, and composite heat shields.


Custom Graphics


Our clients love our graphic capabilities. We offer several ways to make sure your logo and brand are displayed to your liking. Our SGS 100 Graphics Machine allows us to use heat and vacuum system to ensure your graphics stay flexible and durable.

...and many more!

If you don't see your manufacturing need described above, contact us and we'll come up with a solution together. Much of our best work has come from custom collaborations with clients who simply weren't sure what they needed, just what they wanted the end result to be. If you're looking for a solution to your business' unique manufacturing problem, Thermal Control Products just may be the answer.