Mar 10, 2014

The business focus here at Thermal Control Products has always been providing solutions. This article examines three different types of industrial heat shield solutions. From stainless steel heat shields to turbo charger covers, let us provide the best thermal solution for your needs! Click here to contact us today.

3 Types of Industrial Heat Shields We Offer:

Quilted Heat Shield

Our quilted heat shields provide the best in thermal protection. Quilted Heat Shields reduce floor and cockpit temperatures. They can best be described as an "oven-mitt" for your exhaust system. This type of industrial heat shield consists of multiple layers of high temperature fabric with ceramic non-woven insulation. Manufactured to your specific dimensions, this type of industrial heat shield is the perfect solution for industrial applications. (Click here to learn more about Quilted Heat Shields.)

Turbo Charger Cover

This type of industrial heat shield has a ceramic insulated core with a silica base. There are different installation options including D-rings and grommets with stainless steel band ties. Wire mesh is added to prevent the cover from coming in direct contact with the heat source. This creates an air gap so the turbo charger cover does not come into direct contact with that heat source. (Learn more about Turbo Charger Covers by clicking here)

Stainless Steel Heat Shields

Stainless steel heat shields can be manufactured to your specific dimensions and is also offered in dimensions below 8” x 22”. This type of industrial heat shield is ideal for low clearance areas.  Described as being “embossed honeycomb”, this heat shield has an outstanding oval track and road course performance record. Its two different lightweight layers are embossed with stainless steel and sandwiched with a layer of insulating, ceramic non-woven material. (Learn more about Stainless Steel Heat Shields here.)

These three industrial heat shield options are great solutions for your thermal needs. Here at Thermal Control Products, we are not just manufacturers, we’re innovators. Our specialty is custom designed heat shields; thermal and protective components can be custom designed to your specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our thermal solutions.

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