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Thermal Control Products specializes in the custom design and execution of a wide variety of thermal and protective components and heat shield products. We work with clients in dozens of industries, from industrial to motorsports to military, who use our heat shield products both domestically and internationally. Our business focus is and has always been providing solutions.


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Our headquarters is located in Concord, North Carolina, a few miles from the epicenter of "Race City USA." Located just a few miles from Charlotte, our Concord facility ensures we stay on the cutting-edge of motorsports technology while allowing us the space and resources to manufacture for many other industries. Founded in 1994, Thermal Control Products puts an emphasis on maintaining the highest quality of manufacturing on every application we create.

TCP's 12,000 square foot facility along with a hand-selected team of master craftsmen, engineers, designers, and tailors allows us the ability to reinvent not only the products we're tasked with creating, but the manufacturing process as well. At Thermal Control Products, our greatest successes start with our biggest challenges.

Simply put, Thermal Control Products makes excellent heat shield products by excellent people. We see manufacturing from the perspective of what we can do, not what we can't.

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